All of my work incorporates both wheel-thrown and hand-built elements.  I often alter the initial thrown form by cutting out triangle or leaf-shaped darts.  In seamstress’s terms, these darts are known as either single-pointed or double-pointed darts.  Here is a brief handout that touches on the difference between these two types of darts.


I also put together a few handouts illustrating how these two types of darts above are utilized in my work (see below).  Please note that the photos on the right hand side of each handout below may reflect a combination of the techniques listed on the left.  Also note that the initial form that I dart is often NOT a straight cylinder.  These handouts are meant to be used as a starting point…to demonstrate what happens to a basic cylindrical form when you remove a dart from it.

Below are a handful of images of my work at various stages of the process.