The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.
— Carl Jung

Below is a glaze recipe list for some of my favorite glazes. I fire to cone 10 in a reduction atmosphere. Also, I use Standard Ceramic #257 English Porcelain. The commercial underglaze I use for a consistent red decorating color is Amaco V-388, Radiant Red Velvet Underglaze. After the underglaze has dried to the touch, I paint/dip Pinnell Clear (recipe below) over the top to make it food safe.

White Engobe* (cone 10)

EPK                     20

Flint                     30

Custer                  30

Neph Sy.              10

OM4                    5

Whiting                5

*apply to leather-hard clay.  Has a slight sheen at cone 10 in reduction with no glaze over the top. 


Pinnell Clear (cone 10)

Custer                  25

Flint                     35

Whiting                20

Grolleg                 20

(Excellent liner glaze.  Yields blue tones in reduction especially on porcelain.  Tends to go milky when thick.)


Malcolm Davis Trailing Glaze (cone 10)

Neph Sy               40.9

Kona                    9.8

EPK                     18.2

XXsagger             13.8

Soda Ash              17.3

Rutile                   8

Redart                  6

(is orange by itself and goes grey with clear over the top)


Copper Red (cone 10)

G-200                           51

Soda Ash              4

Gerstley Borate     6

Whiting                13

Barium Carb         4

Lithium Carb         1

Flint                     22

Tin Oxide             2

Copper Carb.        1


Shadow Blue Celadon (cone 10)



Neph Sy.-------------------12.2




Flint *----------------------30.88

For blue celadon add:

Red Iron Oxide--0.5%

For apple green celadon add:

Victoria Green Mason Stain---0.5-0.75%


Forest Green (Iron/cobalt Transparent) (cone 10)

Gerstley Borate----------7

Strontium Carb-----------8



Zinc Oxide----------------1

Minspar (soda feldspar)—39



Add: Spanish Red Iron Ox—6%

Cobalt Carb---------------------1%

*this glaze is especially runny when thick!!!